Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another scandal : Bangladesh super model Sarika's sex scene

yet another scandal in bangladeshi media.. This time the victim is popular model Sarika. The video of her sex scene have been released recently by his boyfriend. The video shows that she was hating a very open and crazy sex with her boyfriend.. She was wild and crazy and was enjoying it. It is expected that this release damage this model sarika's popularity greatly.
Click here to download Sarika's scandal or click here to download 3gp version of sarika's sex scene

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prova has left country

It is now confirmed that prova has recently left the country . She is now living with her aunty in england . Apurbo have divorced prova . It is expected that after some years when people will forget this scandal apurbo will merry again . He was found several times with new sensation sarika . So there is little possibilty that a affair is going between those two , though it is confirmed anyhow . And we don't have any latest news about rajib . Most possibly he has already merrid any other girl .

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Does such scandal happen regularly in our media ?

Well thanks buddies for commenting here . I've read all your comments . I've seen that some have mentioned that such sandals are happening regularly in our media . Is their suspection true? If it is true than its certainly a alarming matter . If such scandals continue to happen regularly, then people will lose their trust on our media . People will have a bad idea about media . Most new actor actress will lose their interested for media . So whats the solution ?? We are shouting to stop violation in films . But what are we doing to stop violation with new actress ??
Friends give your comment if you have any good idea to stop such scandals ?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Peoples opinion about Prova's scandal

To know peoples opinion about prova's scandal , we've conducted a survey . In 3 days about 1200 people have given their opinion ... The poll is open for three more days .... But however at the halfway mark after processing the result what we've found is really suprising .... The full result is given bellow...
1st Pull : Should Opurobo divorce Prova ?
Yes : 52%
No : 25%
Its Up To Him : 23%

2nd Pull : Should Prova continue her career ?
Yes : 38%
No : 37%
Only She Knows : 25%

3rd Pull : Do you think this video is true ?
Yes : 87%
No : 6%
Can't Say : 7%

4th Pull : Do you support this type work from Prova ?
Yes : 30%
No : 64%
Don't Know : 6%

Friends give your comment about this result....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Should Opurbo divoce Prova?

Opurbo is one of the most popular actor and model in Bangladesh . Though he is innocent in this regard , still it is predicted that this incident will have a great impact on his career . He might lose his popularity .
As he has a good and awesome face , he was quite popular among the bd girls . But by marrying prova he had broken their hearts and lost his popularity among them . Now he has a great chance to win their heats again and survive his career . So it is expected that soon we gonna hear a news that Opurbo have decided to divorce Prova..
Plz friend give your opinion about it........   

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Still we love prova!! Don't violate her fame!!

Prova is really a good girl! Sex is a sign of love! A girl loves a boy only cos she has a sexual attraction for him!! So it's very common to have sexual relationship with boyfriend! That is what happened for prova . I appretiate this! Still we love her. She is still cute. Still she has a sweet voice! Hope she will be back! Hello prova...we are waiting for you!
See the Video .. and think yourself .. Is it true?? There are a lot of pixels on the faces .. I don't think its real .. Actually we know it is possible to make fake videos with some good video editors .. I know Prova personally . I don't think she is worst enough to do this kind of work !!!